Tim Burton Film Style

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Tim Burton’s style in films is always very recognizable, putting a dark twist into a kid-friendly fantasy. A very different individual is often seen in his films, but an acceptance for them comes through as society finds out who they really are. For instance, in Edward Scissorhands, Edward is first seen as this threatening object when he is brought into the neighborhood. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka’s factory is portrayed as a dark mystery for many years. As both stories progress, however, society begins to accept them despite their appearance. These films perfectly reflect Tim Burton’s darker style, but with a realistic message aimed at today’s society: don’t judge someone based on how they look, but how they act and treat others.
Tim Burton clearly portrays a frightening yet welcoming tone that can be seen in many of his films. An
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Although it may take time, society eventually discovers the true self of that individual and what they are capable of as a person. It is important to not reject someone because of how they look; they usually turn out to be one of the most interesting or talented people. Such as in Edward Scissorhands, Edward is immediately disliked; he is considered the “odd ball out” because of his very strange appearance in the setting. His presence causes a huge stir among other residents even though people haven’t gotten to know him. Later on in the movie, however, Edward’s talents begin to shine through, such as cutting bushes into shapes, trimming dogs’ and women’s hair, and other small chores that are much easier and faster with sharp blades as hands. Transitions and editing techniques in the film reveal just how quickly and swiftly Edward is able to do tasks that would take an average person much longer. Soon Edward is the “hot topic” in the area, and people discover what positive outcomes he can bring for the
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