Tim Horton

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1. Describe strategy and the 4 generic strategies in the context of the case company (Tim Horton)

- Business Model: The Company’s main business is franchising and collecting royalty revenues from Tim Hortons restaurants located in Canada and the USA. The franchised restaurants serve a broad menu of drinks (premium coffee, smoothies, tea, espresso-based hot and cold specialty drinks) and food (fresh baked goods, classic sandwiches, wraps, soups, prepared food) (Tim Hortons: Annual Report, 2012).

- The General Strategy in Canada (Tim Hortons: Annual Report, 2012):

Improve guests’ experiences by broad menu of drink & foods, digital menu boards, free-wifi at any restaurant, new payment options, and drive-thru enhancements. …show more content…

In addition, as being the cost leader in the market, Tim Hortons should also strive for better product quality at the same or less expenses. Tim Hortons’ managers should review the ongoing strategy frequently and omit any obsolete elements. Also, they have to react adaptively to unexpected circumstances and willingly make important adjustments to the strategy.

3. Describe/apply the 3 tests of a winning strategy to Tim

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