Time Management Is The Predictable Control And Individual Can Exercise Over A Series Of Events

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Time Management is the predictable control and individual can exercise over a series of events (Tracy, B (2014). Paragraph 5). A number of men and women, even some of the highest-performing professionals in every field, consistently undervalue and under-appreciate what can actually be accomplished in 10 or 15 minutes of uninterrupted work. You might not be able to finish a big presentation, but you could take the first steps, like making an outline of the first few slides, sending an e-mail information request, or writing an introduction.
Life is full of opportunities to get a few minutes of productivity in, rather than feeling bored or wasting time, if we only take advantage of them. The key is to find and recognize them, while breaking some of our worst habits at the same time. Have you ever thought about how much time you spend doing nothing during an average day? Usually this is not a situation where you planned to do nothing…it just happened. Think about all of the things you could accomplish if you could make use of this time (Tracy, B. (2014) Paragraph 5). For instance:
• Time you spend commuting on a train or bus
• Time you wait at the doctor or dentist office for your appointment
• Time you spend on a plane, waiting for your plane, or the time you spend waiting for your baggage
• Time you spend “on hold” on the telephone
• Time you spend when you arrive at work or at a meeting earlier than you had anticipated
If you can manage your time more effectively, you

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