Essay on Time for New Ways of Hiring

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There’s a trend that is making it difficult to get a job for a certain company. Companies now-a-days are mainly hiring people based on their looks, attractive people who fit a certain image such as Abercrombie & Fitch. There are many ways to make money. Greenhouse, in his article, “Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination,” shows that some stores hire people who fit the company image. While many people will argue that hiring based on looks is discriminating, this trend seems to be working at the moment and is making a lot of money for companies. Hiring based on looks may seem wrong, but is necessary for companies to make money and compete against other companies. Marshal Cohen, a senior industry analyst, states, “Being able to find …show more content…

Many companies are making money because they hired good looking people who seem to be successfully attracting people into their doors, buy problems are starting to arise. People who apply for jobs are being turned down just because they don’t fit the company’s image and people are starting to feel discriminated. Donna Harper, a supervisory attorney, states,” We all can’t be Anglo, athletic and young.” This shows that not everybody will fit a certain image that a company is looking for and people with good retail experience seem to be losing job opportunities to young, good looking people. Companies are hiring incompetent workers and people are getting fed up with it. There have been many companies getting sued and therefor losing money to these lawsuits. Companies should start thinking twice before they turn down good workers. In conclusion, companies need to stop hiring based on looks because it is not going to keep working. Hiring smarter people who can find many ways to attract people into a store who will probably not fit the company image but most likely will fir the company’s bottom line and that is to make money. No more incompetent workers or lawsuits becoming a company’s problem. A company can finally make money the correct way and will not be risking that people will feel discriminated. Companies will improve and make many benefits by hiring more knowledgeable people. It will also be a fine stop into

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