Times Gone By

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The derelict house stood isolated. The front gate that used to shine a bright startling silver had become overridden with rust whilst its turrets and towers which once stood so majestically now seemed to be devastated with the scars of time. With every step she took, a creek would pierce the silence. As she opened the decaying the door, the inside could not have been further from what she had remembered. The light airy haven in which her family had spent most of their time had now turned into a dark shade of grey. The walls which her mother once painted an array of effervescent colours had become shabby and moth eaten. There was no joy to be found in this house. That much was obvious. As the woman aged, it was only natural for her legs to become increasingly weak and so, she sat down on the burst old couch on which her and her brother used to sleep on. The crunching sound of a mint cracking sent a jerking shiver down her spine before beginning to reminisce about her childhood... Having never been married or had children of her own, the only recollection she had of family life was that of her younger days. As the years went by, loneliness had crept up on her. In her youth, she had always believed that time would wait for her. She thought that one day she would settle down and start a family when it best suited her. Alas, time didn’t wait and so, she was left to spend the rest of her years alone - secluded from the rest of the world, much like her house. The first thing

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