Timothy Tebow Reflection

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Now, Timothy Tebow isn’t a regular author, instead of telling non-fiction stories, he worked to write inspiring messages that uplifted the people around him (“Through). After he found direction in his life again, he became so excited that he couldn’t keep this wisdom to himself. So how did he let the world know to never give up? In 2011 he released his first book titled Through My Eyes (“Through). It would be in this book where Tebow would discuss everything about his life in a very unique way. In Through My Eyes, Tebow would discuss everything about his life up to that point, but that is not the main purpose of this story (“Through). It’s within this autobiography that he would discuss: religion, not giving up on life, how everyone is worth more than they think, and to not give up on oneself when everyone else has (“Through). Tebow would use his awesome literary skills to uplift and inspire everyone around him, rather than just telling a simple story that not everyone may care about (“Through). It is in this manner that Tim Tebow can gain a following where he can spread the good word of Jesus Christ and to let everyone know that they are not alone in this world. In 2012, Tim Tebow was dropped by the Jets and that was pretty much the end of his football career. For the next four years, Tebow would go on to do missionary work to spread the word about his Lord and Savior. Along with this, he would also make appearances on ESPN to do guest broadcasts and such.

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