•Title: “Reduce Suicide Attempts By Adolescents”. •Dates

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• Title: “Reduce Suicide Attempts by Adolescents”
• Dates of Implementation: January 26, 2017 and March 8-9, 2017
• Healthy People 2020 Topic: Mental Health and Mental Disorders
• Healthy People 2020 Objective: MHMD-2: Reduce suicide attempts by adolescents (Healthy People, 2020, n.d.)
• My SLEP action plan is designed to educate the students of Boaz High School Health Science Department on the causes, signs and prevention of suicide attempts. I plan to make a pamphlet to hand out to all students who are in the health science classes. The pamphlets will include information for adolescents age 14-18 about suicide detection and prevention. When I met with the health science teacher on 1-26-17, she expressed that mental health, specifically
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4) Teaching Strategies:
The three teaching methods I will be using in my education project are pamphlets, discussion, and visual aid. I will be creating a pamphlet with information about mental health and suicide prevention for students ages 14-18. The reason I have chosen these three methods is to erase any room for misunderstanding and promote attentiveness. If the student does better listening, they will have the opportunity to listen to me explain and ask questions. If they do better reading, they will have the opportunity to read over the pamphlet and ask any questions they may have as well. They will also be taking the materials with them when they leave so that they can look at them for reference. One of the reasons this is a good idea for teaching adults is that the information will be repeated. I chose not to include a PowerPoint since students are most of the time presented information on a screen. I believe that students learn better when various resources are utilized in the classroom. By using a pamphlet, I will capture the student’s attention by presenting the information with bright colors. The pamphlet will be a tangible object the students can reference later. I will use short videos that enforce suicide prevention and
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