Essay on To Be or Not to Be in the Gange

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To Be or Not To Be In The Gang Tyrone walks into Jefferson High School. To him, the world is out to get him. His folks recently divorced. His dad, the person he absolutely admired and respected, had cheated on his mom. His mom met someone new and she moved herself and the kids in with him. The new boyfriend is ok, but he tries too hard to be nice, and Tyrone wants his old family back together. To make matters even worse, his girlfriend of two years decided she couldn’t handle the long distance relationship. He feels his life has been very spurious. During his 2nd period class, Tyrone bumps into Wayne, a very muscular, intimidating jock. “Watch it,” says Wayne, pushing Tyrone out of the way. “Sorry man,” Tyrone mutters. …show more content…

Can I take a rain check?” “Sure. I have play practice after school tomorrow. How about we meet at the Shake Barn after that?” “Play practice?” “Yea, I have the lead in “Oklahoma”. I am so excited! I’ve wanted to go into acting since I was a little girl.” “That’s cool. I did the lead in “Grease” at my old school. It was kind of fun”. “Awesome! You should try out for the next production.” “Maybe I will.” “Why don’t you walk me to practice and I will introduce you to the teacher.” Knowing he is supposed to meet Wayne, he hesitates. He wants friends, but he thinks Sharon is cute. He decides to walk her to practice. Sharon heads into the cast room. Tyrone looks around and sees all the costumes and remembers the fun time he had doing “Grease”. Sharon finds Mr. Brown and introduces them. Tyrone says he will try out for the next production, but he really needed to get going. He looks around for Sharon. He finally spots her over by the chiffarobe putting on a corset. She waves at him and he leaves. Tyrone heads to the Pizza Shack. Wayne and his buddies are already sitting at a table with a huge pizza and a pitcher of pop. The jukebox is so old the music is very staccato. They are acting in a brash way, but no one seems to be doing anything about it. Wayne sees him, and waves him over. “Guys, this is Tyrone. He just moved in and needs some friends.” Everyone says hey, and Tyrone asks what’s up. Wayne laughs. “We are

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