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  • Analysis Of Kevin Bacon 's Cop Car

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    recently, Bacon starred in the (now canceled) Fox drama, The Following, though currently looks to rebound in a chilling, thrilling endeavor – simply titled, Cop Car. In Cop Car, directed by Jon Watts (Clown, 2017’s untitled Spider-Man film), Kevin Bacon stars as Sheriff Kretzer – a crooked officer in a backwoods community that loses his cop car when two young runaways, Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford), commandeer the cruiser for a joyride. Originally befuddled by the

  • On Being A Cop Analysis

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    On Being a Cop is a completely new breed of a book because it wasn’t intended to be a book. The origin of the book started out as a rookie cop writing emails about his workday to his father—who is also a higher ranking cop in the same department. Although each ‘chapter’ is a new individual story, Jim and Jay Padar’s goals of the book were: to lift the policing’s blue curtain, display the real struggles that officers constantly face, and try to give more of a humanitarian aspect of the job. Trying

  • Armadillo's Design Ideas

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    one of the designer/creators of this project, I don’t want this to be used casually to harass citizens just for something like a speeding ticket. The point of this is to stop a bullet and blind the attacker so the cop can mase, taze or subdue a dangerous criminal. My hope is that cops will be responsible when it comes to this piece of equipment. The biggest shortcoming is the shortcoming of others who are not responsible enough to use this shield in the right

  • Narrative Essay On Andy

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    trail. "No cops here." Michael thinks to himself. After Michael packs his hiking bag sets off into the trees. About an hour into

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    It was a breezy summer day when my parents were taken away before my own eyes. All of my family were taken away for reasons I really didn’t understand at the time, and I was left behind all alone. Hi I’m Bella, and I am 11 years old. My family and I live in a two story house, here in southern California. We live right by the beach! Just one regular summer morning, my family and I were having lunch. As we flipped on the tv we saw a breaking news announcement scanning across the top of the tv in red

  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Day Of A Spring Day

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    It was a warm spring day. I woke up to my mom opening my curtains saying that “I need to get up and not sleep all day.” The sunlight blinded me at first then my eyes started to adjust. I slowly rolled over and grabbed my phone. It was almost noon and I was supposed to get up around ten. I turned my ceiling fan light on and got out of bed and got ready for the day. I opened up my door and I heard everyone in the house yelling. I walked to the bathroom down the hall and hopped in the shower. The

  • What Makes People Become Heroes?

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    Have you ever been in a situation that just makes your whole life stop? The only thing you can focus on is the situation around you. Everything else is erased all your other worries vanished. This is the feeling is what makes people become heroes in crisis situations. I know that’s the feeling I felt. It’s the call nobody ever wants to receive. Here we are in the middle of nowhere in a house I’ve never been too before in the middle of a party with unfamiliar people. The phone rings a close friend

  • Analysis Of Paul Bigelow's 'The Algiers Motel Incident'

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    editor, William Goldenberg. Over time, we are introduced to the characters who will converge on the Algiers Motel, including the members of the Dramatics, an aspiring soul act whose gig at the Fox Theater is abruptly cancelled by the riots; a reckless cop (Will Poulter) who's allowed back on the streets after shooting a looter in the back despite orders not to fire at looters; and a security guard (John Boyega) whose uniform gives him some immunity from suspicion on the part of white police and National

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    “NOOO! DON’T DO IT!” Annistynn shrieked, “Don’t take us ple-.” Her shrieking was ended with a cloth over her mouth and a trunk door slamming shut. Five hours earlier, Annistynn and her sister, McKenna were holiday shopping together for their parents and grandparents. Annistynn is two years older than McKenna and has a mom-like personality, so it was always her job to make sure McKenna was safe and nothing happened to her even though she was fifteen years old. Annistynn was always paranoid about

  • A Short Story : The Story Of The Story

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    "Is this my time," Tanis Lightbody asked himself as he lay with one side of his face pressed against the asphalt as the ricochets echoed in his ears as if they were the percussions of drumsticks and his head the drum. He knew that if he got up to run, his silhouette, his blackness, would be perforated with punctuations, with periods of light, by the things making the explosive typewriter sounds, the lead hailstorm falling all around him. He also knew that if he didn't, the end result would be the