To Buy The Sun Play Analysis

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To Buy the Sun, directed by Kathryn Hunter-Williams, is a biography play that depicts the life of Pauli Murray. Before seeing the play, I knew nothing about Pauli Murray. I believe many of the other audience members also knew little about the life of Murray. Bringing in new information and perspectives is what makes plays created through Hidden Voices so unique, as they present “stories from those rarely seen and heard by mainstream society.” An important aspect to recognize is the fact that this play quickly transitioned from memory to memory, as Murray and the accompanying characters improvised key parts of Murray’s life. The thing that stood out the most to me regarding the life of Pauli Murray, was the idea of how she struggled with her…show more content…
It is important to note that during this time, segregation and Jim Crow laws were in effect. The scene is significant as it highlighted the discrimination and injustices that the African American community experienced during this time. It also goes to show that Rosa Parks was not the only person that tried to stand up against the prejudice laws that existed on a bus. Furthermore, the least engaging part of the play was when Murray discussed her upbringing. This portion of the play was not as juicy or action-packed, but it was important in helping reveal Murray’s perspective and overall world view. It was surprising to see the close ties that Murray had to the triangle, as Murray was raised by her grandparents in Durham, NC. There were also scenes where Murray (Rasool jahan) discussed trying to gain admission as a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill. Due to being a women and an African American, Murray was not allowed to gain admission at the time. UNC was still segregated at the time. Initially Murray had the support of the NAACP to pursue her attempts at UNC, but they eventually dropped her case as she still had residency in New
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