To Kill A Mockingbird Justice Analysis

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To begin, I will tell you a story. A little girl’s biological father called Child Protective Services on her new stepdad with false allegations. Consequently, the family had to separate for a period of time, while CPS looked into it. In everyday life there are examples of injustice and justice. The story I started with, is an example of injustice because the biological father tore the family apart over false allegations, which is not just. We can learn and relate to many other examples as well. In the novels, To Kill A Mockingbird and Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands, there are many examples of this. Justice and injustice are two important things that can teach us a lot. My first example of justice and injustice today is from To Kill A …show more content…

Just last Monday I did my homework later than I shouldn’t have been doing it, and my mom saw. I wasn’t a problem waking up in the morning and I got all of my homework done, but I got my phone taken away. Getting my phone taken away wasn’t very fair considering I didn’t oppose a problem. Also, bullying is a common thing that goes unjustified. A victim of bullying may go to a teacher for help, but not much is done to stop it, so the bully continues to pester the victim. We see justices and injustices all over the news. This person killed someone, that person robbed someone, so and so was caught doing drugs, then they go to jail. Celebrities often times are accused of crimes, but because of their popularity they escape any consequences. More recently, many people in Hollywood have been accused of sexual harassment. If the accusations are true, will any of them face consequences? They all are famous people, with very good lawyers. Celebrities not facing consequences is an injustice because the average person would have to face real consequences to their actions, but these celebrities avoid them.
Finally, I will talk about what we can learn from justice and injustice. From justice and injustice we can learn to do the right thing. As I discussed earlier, Atticus defends Tom, and the McMahon family fights for justice for Marvin because it is the right thing to do. We can learn that our

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