Justice Is The Case Of Louis Taylor Essay

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In American society, justice is blind. Justice is commonly defined as a rightful or lawful act. Or in other terms to bring to justice, to come before a court for trial or to receive punishment for one’s misdeeds. Some believe it is fairly administered and equal. But lack within the criminal justice system make us question equality. There are two individual aspects of how justice can be served; the perspective of the victim and the perspective of the criminal "per say". I will be focusing on instances in which wrongfully people were punished for crimes they didn 't commit and families or victims thought justice was served. The first case in which justice was wrongfully served is the case of Louis Taylor. Louis Taylor did forty-one years to life for something he didn 't do. Secondly, Steven Avery served eighteen years for being wrongfully convicted for rape. Although in Avery 's case he was exonerated through DNA testing.
Due to the supposition of guilt. Innocent victims lose their lives and spend years in prison, having to face rejection because of a criminal record, and never being able to reach their true potential. After four decades behind bars, and being wrongfully convicted to twenty-eight counts of murder Louis Taylor was finally released. In 1970 on the night of the Pioneer Hotel fire, sixteen-year-old Louis Taylor was helping people escape. Louis Taylor, believes that it was the pigment of his skin that supposed him as guilty. He was originally seen as a hero but

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