To Sleep Again : School Start Times

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To Sleep Again: School Start Times
Sleep deprivation is an issue faced by many students in today’s age. Controversy has been produced due to the question: should school start later in the day? Many people argue that if school started later then there would not be enough time in the day for extracurricular activities, sports, or jobs. On the other hand, students who have to wake up earlier for school face many health problems. Grades and attentiveness are affected by the amount of sleep a person gains as well as the overall happiness of the students.
Many researchers over an extended period of time have studied the effects of sleep deprivation on teens. Every morning in schools all across America, many high school teachers battle the same problem; student inattention to instruction, lack of focus on classwork, and general lethargy. One might propose that the obvious reason for student disinterest during the early school hours is that teenagers have spent too much time the night before on social media or have stayed up too late watching Netflix. Others say that teens’ function differently and need a greater amount of sleep. Experts are looking first hand at this matter in order to get the facts separated from opinions.
Many researchers admit, “[For] teens who are returning to the routine of school… [waking up early] can be brutal”(Fenwick). With a later start time, test scores are improved and teens experience fewer car crashes as results. Many experts from the American

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