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Little Evil

Little Evil would have been far better received had director Eli Craig released it in the wake of his beloved debut film Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which hit screens in 2010. Back then, parody movies were still being released on a regular basis, so there would have been more than enough room for Little Evil, which plays up the horror genre’s evil kid trope for laughs. In 2017, however, the film feels out of place and disjointed, as if it were written immediately following the release of Scary Movie and then hastily rewritten last December in order to make it more relevant. The story - which sees Adam Scott’s character doing battle with the suspected demon spawn of his new bride Evangeline Lilly - is actually quite touching, but the jokes almost always fall flat, so fans of comedy should take their search for a Friday night film elsewhere.

To the Bone

The writers of To the Bone had the noble aim of exposing the typical Netflix subscriber to the effects of anorexia and the harsh consequences of our beauty-obsessed culture. In fairness to them, they did it pretty well. Actress Lily …show more content…

It tells the tale of, you guessed it, a babysitter who is discovered to be a member of a Satanic cult. The absurdity of the plot would be charming were it executed better, but The Babysitter smacks of B movie complacency. It’s your typical teen horror farce and attempts to distract from its lack of quality jokes and decent storytelling by playing on the sexuality of its star, Samara Weaving. Don’t get me wrong, Samara Weaving is a very attractive woman and I’m sure I would have had a great time if she had been my babysitter when I was going through puberty, but no amount of good looks can make up for such a poorly written supposedly comedic script. The Babysitter is well-deserving of its reputation as a sleepover movie, mainly because you can expect to be out like alight within the first 20

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