To What Extent Should Cursive Still Be Taught

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Cursive should still be taught today because. I have never seen one person not write in cursive when they get a job or just have to sign something. My mom and dad write in cursive all the time even if they are just writing down a note. I asked her why she writers in cursive she said she can write faster and neater. In my opinion, I think it should still be taught because now days most adults are writing in cursive.

First of all, if you don’t know how to read or write cursive or how will you read the old documents. Cursive so if you don’t teach kids cursive that’s like killing history. because cursive is history. It would take kids time but think about it when they get older and they get house or a job they have to sing a paper and what if you don’t know how to write in cursive it makes you look
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And 50 present of your grade is how long your paper is and if you type its Harder to think what you’re going to say but if you write it its easy. If people said he have to have art why don’t we have cursive because cursive is another way to write and it’s an art so if you take cursive you should take art to.

Finally the most impotent reason cursive should be taught is but cursive you may not know but it helps you in many ways even if you don’t think so it dose. For instants cursive allows your bran think more and helps it function. This is how because writing in the same Lange is easy for you so your bran don’t have to work has hard as if you wrote in cursive. Why I’ll tell you why because when you write in a Lange you’re not use to so it helps you think more.

In my opinion I think it should still be taught. Because it’s something new and it looks cool. Remember the three reasons I gave you. Therefor that’s why cursive should be taught and if you have to do a paper on cursive I hope this will help
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