Tobacco And Tobacco

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Smoking is the act of breathing in the smoke produced by burning tobacco either in cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Smoking was introduced to the European culture by explorers such as Christopher Columbus, the practice soon spread across the globe. Smoking (2017) describes the use of tobacco products in the early 20th century as medicinal. Health practitioners believed smoking would aid in elevating the disposition, concentration and productivity of their patients. However, by the early 21st century the converse to this theory had been proven. Smoking had been identified as one of the leading causes of mortality and disease globally. Smoking is still widespread today, although there are many religious, social and medical discussions against it.

Tobacco (2017) explains that harsh chemicals are used in the production process of tobacco as early as planting. Healthy tobacco seedlings are planted in soil that has been somewhat sterilized by using chemicals such as Bromomethane or burning. This is done to protect the crops from disease, pests, weeds and roundworm, however bromomethane is considered illegal in many countries due to its highly toxic nature. Once matured the tobacco leaves are cured either by air, fire or flue methods. After curing tobacco is graded and packaged for sale to the manufacturers (Tobacco, 2017).. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are produced with many additives to control shelf life, disguise the irritations caused by nicotine and to create a more

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