Today, One Of The Hottest And Most Dangerous Discussions

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Today, one of the hottest and most dangerous discussions to have in the public square is about abortion. The polarizing viewpoints create emotionally charged arguments that often lead to nowhere. As society voices its opinion, it is the daily interaction of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the U.S. government that have and will impact abortion the most. The practice of abortion was completely changed and most influenced by the decisions of the judicial branch. Although America is constructed with different court levels, the Supreme Court is the most impactful as any ruling on abortion is the final say; unless the constitution changes regarding abortion. PBS’s Joan Greve explained how the court has interacted with …show more content…

The court found in a 5-4 decision that an abortion was not necessarily covered by Medicaid or state funds. From these decisions, the courts continued to hear more arguments affecting abortions and as of today, any issue concerning abortion is cited from the court case in 1992: Planned Parenthood v. Casey. States were placing restrictions on women seeking an abortion, and in southeastern Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood sued the state claiming the restrictions were a burden on women and in violation of Roe. In a 5-4 decision, the court explained the restrictions were unconstitutional, however, clarified that women were allowed the right to have an abortion and states did have the right to place limited restrictions as long as they are not “undue burden”. The Supreme Court is nowhere close to being done hearing cases on abortion, but every ruling is powerful and changed the practice of abortion (Greve). In the legislature, both the Senate and the House of Representatives can try to pass laws restricting abortion or giving women better opportunities to receive one. Karen J. Lewis and Jon O. Shimabukuro from American Law Division recalled the history of abortion in the legislature (2005). They explained since 1973, over a thousand proposals have been introduced in both houses on the issue of abortion, and the majority of them tried to limit the practice that have yielded a variety of results. After Roe’s decision, Congress attempted to add an

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