Today 's Youth And Technology

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Cody Huwa
Mrs. Goddard
English Comp.
6 February 2017
Today’s Youth and Technology In today’s world, technology is heavily relied on throughout businesses, homes, schools and many other fields of importance. Technology has made an impact, not only on today’s society, but more and more on today’s youth. Many kids come into contact with technology at a young age and are usually more technologically intelligent than adults. They are practically teaching the adults how to use technology, today’s youth has grown up with technology their whole life making it easy for them to learn and grow with the the technology rather than learn it as adults today are. There are a great deal of both positives and negatives to technology when it comes to the …show more content…

Because suicide has become such a problem from cyber bullying, there has been federal and state laws put into place to try and prevent kids from taking their own lives. “In our research about 85% of the time, the target knows who the bully is, and it’s usually somebody from their social circle” (Patchin). When the bully is from their social circle, it tends to hurt the individual even more. They can’t take their problems to their friends because, sometimes, those are the people who are bullying. Explicit text messages or better known as sexting has evolved through the use of technology. Sexting is affecting teens’ lives in a negative way. “One in five teens admit to sending sexually explicit photos or messages with their cell phones and twice as many reported receiving sexting messages and photos” (Mooney 42). The sending of vulgar messages has created emotional problems for teens. Those messages can be spread across the school or even throughout the town in an instant, reaching anyone and everyone. Once those messages are exposed, many teens begin to harass or make fun of the messages or pictures causing emotional problems such as insecurity for the victim. “Emotionally sexting can take a toll on a person, especially if it backfires and gets into the wrong hands,” says Dr. Johnson physiatrist at the Houston Human Behavioral Study (Johnson). Many girls suffer from this because they think they can trust the person they are sending it

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