Tom Is 35 And Works Of Advertising

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"Tom is 35 and works in advertising. He has had a stressful time over the past 12 months and work pressures have been high. He also separated from his long-term girlfriend about 5 months ago. Tom has withdrawn from many of his usual activities and, when he does meet up with friends, he is quieter than normal and he doesn’t seem to express enthusiasm for anything. Colleagues have noticed that he isn’t as eager to pitch to potential clients and is content to take a back seat in meetings, whereas he was often at the centre of things before. On occasions he has been quite short-tempered with people, although he is usually mild-mannered. Tom is struggling to fall asleep at night and has complained that he is waking up fairly early in the morning too, without being able to return to sleep." There have been two previous episodes when Tom experienced similar difficulties: he had some time off work a couple of years ago and in his mid-twenties Tom struggled after his father died.

After reviewing the case of my patient Tom, I have come to the conclusion that he suffers from depression. At this stage of analysis of this case, we can look at the symptoms and signs shown by the patient and match them with the symptoms and signs of depression. Looking at the DSM IV (Diagnostic Statistic Manual 4) we can understand that the most basic symptoms of depression include loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities for more than two weeks, being in a mood that is different from

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