Tom Sawyer Analysis

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Mark Twain once said, “Classic’ A book which people praise and don’t read.” The debate about what the definition of what a classic is has been talked about for many decades. Even Mark Twain, author of many outstanding classics, has an opinion about “what a classic is”. However, a classic novel is a book that offers more discovery after every reread, withstands the reviews of millions of critics, and its readers are able to relate to it, in any day and age. To start, one element that makes a novel a classic is that it offers a continuous amount of discovery after every reread. A classic must offer an ongoing journey of discovery because there are many different story elements in classics such as language, theme, and foreshadowing. These all help the reader to acquire more knowledge about the novel. Unlike pop culture novels, which only offer entertainment, classics help readers learn something. This requires many in depth reads to fully grasp the layers of the novel. Along with that, classics do not “tell” the readers what is going on. The author of a classic would hint at it with clues hidden in between the lines, after each read, the novel should be pieced together like a puzzle, otherwise, the novel has no true lesson being taught. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, has many qualities that fit this pillar. One example of how “Tom Sawyer” fits this pillar was in Chapter 13 when Tom, Huck, and Joe, went to Jackson Island. There were many internal conflicts, elements of

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