Tommy John Surgery Essay

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Epidemics of surgeries can vary with people being very influential towards them or disagreeing on what needs to be done in order to help the person it is affecting. Over the past decade a certain surgery has become more and more relevant to young kids and adults that play a certain sport. Americas greatest pastime what we now call baseball has resulted in some of the most historic injuries. Such as that will never be forgotten such as Tommy John, Miguel Sano, and Kerry Wood and last but no least Stephen Strasburg. Now why cant people understand that your body needs rest? Your body needs to heal or you will join the list of people who have had Tommy John surgery. It is not something to be proud of, but it is certainly proven to help and have a high success rate.…show more content…
You must follow every direction clearly. Not try and recover with a couple month such a Miguel Sano a victim now of Tommy John and also a rookie in his first year. All of these result come intact with pitcher mostly, its proven in the numbers and all of the internet such as Jonah Keri states in her article “The Tommy John Epidemic: What’s Behind the Rapid Increase of Pitchers Undergoing Elbow Surgery?” The title proves my point with who this surgery mostly effects it the pitchers the ones who do all the throwing even though a catcher throws more then a pitcher technically, but that’s for another story. You must look at the little details in order to see the big picture of Tommy John. I get that there are pros and cons of surgery, but who is too say that surgery is right or wrong. None of us can its all a preference, a personal belief that each and every one of us has. Tommy John is not the answer to all your prayers if a athlete one day reads this paper. The answer is take care of you body and ask your yourself “How can I keep taking care of my body so I don’t have a bionic elbow such as Miguel Sano or even Kerry
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