Toni Gamez Monologue

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Her name was Toni Gamez and she was a stranger that I naively let into my life not knowing what would come of it. She was a survivor. Not of a natural disaster, not of a vehicle accident, but of life itself. Seven attempted suicides, years of drug abuse, weeks of hospital visits, all for something much greater than one could ever comprehend. Now, I am not implying that God made her do all these things, but He kept her from cutting the last chord for a reason. He knew everything she went through would one day help hundreds of girls; one of those girls being me. To really know what Toni was like, I would have to draw a picture of a thousand colors. She was a goofy, mischievous, comical, caring, sincere, ball of joy. I had never seen someone as consistently happy as she was. On this particular night, she was wearing a blood red collared shirt that had …show more content…

I felt it was my responsibility to protect people even when it was literally impossible. At this time, however, I was most worked up about having to move schools, how I missed my old friends and was rejected by them, and most importantly that God seemed to not listen when I cried out to Him. I was involved in our church youth group and we were heading to Pensacola Christian College’s Teen Extreme Camp in Pensacola, Florida. This was a much needed break from Gonzales for me. I attended the previous summer’s camp there and met Toni, but never spoke to her. I sat and listened each night of the week as she told her testimony, but never cared enough to engage with her. I suppose I was afraid of getting caught up in my feelings, something I was not all too fond of doing. Each night of the week we sat in our dorm rooms and Toni conducted an open devotion. It was our last night at the camp, so we all expected for the devotion to be extremely long. However, that was not the

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