Tools Of The Mind : Student Achievement

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Tools of the Mind
Student achievement for children is dependent upon the mental processes that are developed and nurtured through educators, culture, and society. Society plays a major role in cognitive human growth and development. It is important for educators to understand that children need opportunities to develop and expand their cognitive abilities. Vygotsky’s theory about mental tools suggest that every child has the ability to develop skills that will enable them to think in complex ways.
According to Vygotsky, mental tools are the cognitive strategies and processes that we invite students to experience in order to promote independent thinkers and learners. This process doesn’t necessarily take place automatically. Children should be taught and given opportunities to engage in activities that promote independent thinking and reasoning. Children should also be able to demonstrate and apply these thinking techniques and strategies to everyday learning and living. Bodrova and Leong adds, “The problem is that their thinking, attention, and memory are very reactive; what ends up holding their attention may or may not have anything to do with the task they are expected to perform” (Bodrova and Leong, 2007, pg.5). The ability to focus and maintain attention can be difficult for some children. The ability to stay engaged in a given task requires the development of mental tools that are taught with the implementation of highly- engaging instruction. Many

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