A Review of the Toyota Prius

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Exciting and fun to drive are not the first words that typically come to mind when the car of discussion is the Toyota Prius; but should they be? Most people associate the terms hybrid, conservative, and gas efficient solely with the Prius. However, is this simplistic general consensus of the car an accurate description of what the vehicle actually offers? Is the Prius just a “great car” because it is a hybrid or is it a great car that just happens to be a hybrid. Typically, the criteria used to determine whether a car is great or not is the performance, aesthetics, and the economic value of the vehicle. The Prius is a great car because of its exceptional performance, attractive aesthetics and great economic value.
When discussing the performance and mechanics of the Toyota Prius, the first aspect of the car that must be deliberated is its hybrid functionality; the primary factor that separates it from other cars. The term “hybrid” refers to the fact that the Prius is both an electric- and a gas-powered vehicle. The Prius is equipped with a four cylinder 1.8 liter engine that produces one hundred thirty four horsepower and an electric motor that produces sixty-seven horsepower (“Toyota Prius” 86). In layman’s terms, this means that Prius on paper delivers an average of fifty-five miles per gallon. The fuel-efficiency of the Prius is somewhat of a well-known fact; however, the ability of the car to accelerate from zero to sixty in about ten seconds with this motor/engine
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