Top Mobile Travel Apps to Plan Amazing Trips Essay

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Top mobile travel apps of 2014

Are you planning for some amazing trips in 2014? And do you want the best mobile travel apps to make your trips safe, efficient and memorable in the coming months? Well, here we will give you detailed information about the top mobile travel apps of 2014.

Technology at your service-- Living in a tech-driven society, we can look forward to sophisticated travel experiences, thanks to a variety of top-notch mobile travel apps in 2014. They can be your best travel guide whether you want to select any holiday spot, book hotels or flights, compare different travel deals, accommodations or attractions and much more.
So, here we go—

Flights With Friends—If you love the idea of travelling in a group (either …show more content…

Then the answer is RouteHappy. It’s a mobile travel app that can ensure making your travel happiest by ensuring you stay entertained while enjoying a comfortable and nicer travelling facilities (like good accommodations, bigger/better planes, bigger seats etc.).For this, you simply need to fill in the dates and the destination of your planned travel. The website will provide you detailed information regarding the available airline as well as the route for a happiest travelling experience.

AFAR Travel Guide App—It’s a free travel guide app to provide access to global travel locations along with some wonderful trip suggestions too. And do you know that you get the facility of offline access? So, now you can travel and plan too. Amazing!

Uber—With Uber (iOS and Android), you can say goodbye to those over-charging cabbies. How? Uber lets you choose your ride within a couple of minutes. You simply need to make a request for a ride, enter your destination and select a vehicle type.

City Guides—This app lets you either use a pre-built city guide or create your own. That’s not all. You can even ask your companions travelling with you to make a city guide along with you. And you can always share it with your friends or anyone you like. You can know about your location once you set up preferences. The best thing about this app is that you can access the various information offline without paying any

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