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Above Top Secret. (2016, Jan 30). Retrieved from abovetopsecret: Above Top Secret is a user generated flow of news and information. They offer both opinion and factual based articles by experts. They promote free exchange of ideas and information in all subjects. Above Top Secret is not geared towards and specific topics or subjects. It is primarily a discussion board. Above Top Secret has no affiliations to any outside government or private industry entities. It is solely dedicated to the free flow of information and the resistance of ignorance. All topics and articles are written and generated by members. This source discusses the fact that modern jet fighters and spacecraft use much older higher quality designed microprocessors. The reason for this is the inability of newer designed cpu 's to function under stress and variable demand. This lends proof to my argument that faster and cheaper cannot perform against quality in design. Bryson Education. (2016). Retrieved from The Bryson Charitable Group is a charity located in Northern Ireland. Bryson House was descended from the Belfast Charity Organization Society, formed in 1906 on the initiative of the Belfast Christian Civic Union. In 2006 due to an increased services that the Charity provided in recycling,

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