Top Ten Advertising Agency in India

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Top Te‘Advertising’ is a medium meant to propagate ideas to people using any means of communication. Liberalization has empowered advertising and has completely changed the Indian advertising scenario. The major areas touched by advertising are FMCG’s food market, cosmetics etc.
Advertising is like the two sides of a coin. Sometimes it may seem that advertisements send out the wrong message or impel people to buy certain products. On the other hand, advertising can be perceived as a means to sell a product or a service which can improve by competition.
Today, advertising is booming. With the growing markets and competition, it has become an essential tool to reach the target market as well as the target audience.
Advertisers in India have
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In this process, the agency includes innovative ideas.
• FCB-Ulka advertising pvt. Ltd:- Head Mr. Anil Kapoor (Managing Director and CEO):
FCB, being one of the the top three advertising agencies in the USA, ranks number 10 in the world. FCB-Ulka has made its mark in India as Ulka Advertising. It was founded in 1961. On the creative front, Ulka is known to stand out. FCB-Ulka has made a smooth transition from a creative shop to a large mainstream agency. Around the mid-seventies, FCB-Ulka had become the fifth largest agency in India and has sustained this status till date. The efforts of FCB-Ulka deserve praise. It also gave recognition to those brands that were not in the limelight earlier but are now completely above other market players. Santoor soap did thorough research and focused on advertising which gave growing sales figures against stiff competition from Levers and P&G brands. Not surprisingly, FCB-Ulka is seen as a turnaround specialist - an agency that does brand building and more.
• Rediffusion DY&R Pvt Ltd:- Mr. Mahesh Chauhan (President):
This advertising agency places its people first. It believes that the strength of a brand lies in the efforts the people of the organization make. Rediffusion DY&R follows system-driven ‘thinking’ in its culture. The agency attracts right minds because it thinks of a perfect balance between creativity and strategy.
• RK Swamy BBDO Pvt Ltd:- Mr.
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