Advertising As A Multi Billion Dollar Field

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Advertising is a complex and intricate profession where numerous individuals have to work extensive and exhausting hours to attract viewers that wish to purchase their product once he has seen it. Not only, are advertisements worldwide, but also on television, in a magazine, on the radio, billboards, public transportation, or in the air on a blimp, there is no possible way to escape advertisements. However, advertising agencies are forced to consider the whereabouts of their advert so that it may attract viewers. Furthermore, every advertisement has a selectively targeted audience. Also, the targeted audience has been specially chosen to buy what the advertisement is selling. The advertising industry is a multi-billion-dollar field where the advertisers educate and study the tactics of selling their product and seeking new ways to lure viewers’ attention. In fact, there is a strong possibility that advertising industries and marketing specialist secretly expect consumers to remain ignorant and oblivious to the subliminal messages that are contained in advertisements. Again, Advertisers filter their audience down into categories when it regards their goods and services. In other words, their audience could be selected by what social class or background they derive from. Rhetorical appeals can target various socioeconomic levels. Advertisement industries can sometimes be dependent on stereotypical qualities which will help sell products. For example, an advertisement for rich

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