Essay on Top Ten Mysths of Mobile Broadband

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Mobile broadband is confusing to many people, not helped by the array of confusing terminology, such as dongles, USP and USB’s. Mobile broadband is a technology that remains bewildering to great many users, even though it is accessible to the majority of people. To help explain both the terminology and basic technical knowhow, here are the top ten myths commonly expressed about mobile broadband.

Slow Speed of Mobile Broadband Compared to Home Broadband
Home broadband used to be a lot faster but this is no longer true. Mobile broadband currently has an average connection speed of 7 megabytes, this is about the as a standard home broadband connection, which is generally 8 megabytes. Mobile broadband speed can be increased …show more content…

More recent versions are both functional and stylish as they are very small USB devices, some providers offer a fashionable dongle skin which can even be personalised. The latest dongle has the added functionality of being able to provide USB storage, and further developments are underway.

Length of Mobile Broadband Package
There are now a variety of contracts available, from 24 months, which used to be the norm, down to a single month. If you don’t wish to be tied to a contract there are many pay-as-you-go options. All the major broadband package retailers offer a variety of options, as the current market is very competitive. Use a comparison site to compare the best deals on broadband packages.

Is Mobile Broadband Only for the Affluent
The cost of line rental on a landline is about £170 per year, this does not include the cost of broadband which is extra, compare that to a mobile broadband package, which has no line rental, some are as a little as £36 per year, making a mobile broadband package considerably cheaper than a fixed line deal.

You Can’t Use Mobile Broadband Away From Home
Whilst the majority of mobile broadband customers use the internet at home, WiFi hotspots are available nationwide, which allows users to connect free of charge whilst out of their homes and on the move. This doesn’t impinge on mobile broadband usage, keeping their allowance intact. To get online by sharing a connection with any other WiFi enabled device, users simply need

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