Topic: ‘Why Democracy Matters’

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Topic: ‘Why Democracy Matters’ Video Presentation by: Honourable Rory Stewart British Politician
The concept of ‘democracy’ dates from Ancient Greece. In the Greek two words: Kratos means the (rule) and demos means (people). Heywood (2013, p.89). The concept of democracy cannot be understood with precision. One of the most political concepts which does not have one definition. As Bernard Crick’s argues democracy is a term that can mean different things to different people. It is frequently stated in terms of ‘thin’ and ‘thick’. At its thin incarnation,
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Simultaneously, he said some distinguished academics argued that democracy can bring prosperity, security and overcome sectarian violence, and insure that states would never again harbor terrorists. The presenter also proved these side benefits still not had been achieved in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. He illustrated in Afghanistan, people have not just only had one or two elections, but they have gone through three elections, presidential and parliamentary. Then there is still no change happening.
In relation to that, he asks ‘Do we see a flourishing civil society, vigorous rules of law and good security?’ He make it clear that what we do find in Afghanistan is a government that is deeply unpopular and corrupt.
Honourable Rory Stewart, says democracy is not working in some places, like Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa; you can see democracy and elections are compatible with corrupt regimes, with countries that are unstable and very dangerous. He raised the question: ‘Do we have to give up on the idea of democracy?’ His answer was obviously not. He says democracy is a thing of value which people should fight for. To do so, people need to get way from instrumental arguments. To get away from saying democracy matters because it brings other things. He said the point about democracy is not instrumental. It is not the things it will brings or delivers, such as a
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