Torrey Honors Institute

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My ethnographic research paper is about Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute. I decided to research on this topic because I am really interested in this liberal honors program and in Torrey students’ academic life. I noticed that most Biola students do not know much about Torrey students. Normal Biola students will stereotyped Torrey students and consider them to be intellectual elitists, since the Torrey program is an honors program. Therefore, I wanted to do research on Torrey Honors Institute not only because of my interest, but also because I want to reveal what is the program truly like in order to prove my viewpoints to my audience. My ethnographic research paper effectively introduces Torrey Honors Institute and reveals Torrey…show more content…
Personally, I think this is the strongest section in my ethnographic research paper, because I attended a sophomore Torrey students group, and I used accurate words to describe this Torrey session. These details show that Torrey students are just normal students who have a passion for literature and are willing to share their thoughts with the whole class. (How did observation support my thesis) Without the observation, I would not have a straight views on this program and I cannot imagine what is a Torrey session looks like without observing the entire session. The observation strengthen and prove my thesis. During the discussion, all of them are willing to participate into the discussion group. It is a very interesting experience for me since I will never have to chance to observe a Torrey…show more content…
For example, from the online research, I noticed that Torrey students have a heavy workload, since they need to read about fifteen ancient literature per semester. When I was writing about the interviews, the quotes of my interviewees show Torrey student's perspective directly to my audience. During the observation, each Torrey student shows their passion of literature and their desire of learning lessons from literature. This ethnographic research project was challenging because it was my first time preparing and doing actual interviews by myself. It was also my first time to observe in a Torrey session. Nevertheless, the process of the research is successful, and I am really glad that I did all the research on Torrey program since this is a great opportunity for me and for my audience to know about Torrey program and Torrey
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