Total Home Automation Essay

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Total Home Automation and Technology, Inc.
John Spicuzza
MNA 4425
Applied Trimester Project
Phase 3
Due Date: April 26, 2005
Submitted Date: April 26, 2005 Abstract Total home automation is evaluated for the merits of establishing a like business in Lee County, Florida. Existing businesses and their abilities were compared to this business plan. The impact of growth in Lee County on this type of business is discussed as well as the wants and needs of new home owners. Technological trends in the home automation sector and how it affects the different markets and customers is assessed. The findings of this paper show that there is a need for a home automation business that
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There are plumbers that can be called for pipe leaks, computer experts that fix hard drive crashes, and so on. There will be a market for having a maintenance and repair division of the company that provides total home automation that could troubleshoot problems, repair broken equipment, or even provide upgrades as technology changes. The need for this special division of services will increase as the concept of home automation becomes more common. The ability to start a stand-alone business that addresses maintenance and repair of home automation is feasible and should not be overlooked.
Situation Analysis Home automation, will support three main lines; Enabled kitchen and counter appliances, security products, and consumer electronics products. The business will offer top-of-the-line technological equipment that will stay in line with upcoming products and be upgraded as necessary. Home security will be "pre-wired" to allow a security company to easily install its components, whichever the builder chooses. The Home audio line will provide the components and the installation of audio systems with the latest technology throughout the house, integrated with the main system. Home Entertainment systems will be provided and installed using the latest technology in home theatre experiences. The home audio and entertainment sector will offer on-site trouble-shooting
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