Total Quality Management in Service Industry

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This paper reports on the importance of total quality management in service sector. It also reports on means to achieve total quality in service sector. There are various dimensions of quality are present to measure it. This paper looks on these dimensions and also addresses the Quality assurance system which is used to get assurance of standard quality. The paper also discuss about the various quality standards used by service sector and principles of ISO 9000:2000.
Problem Statement:
Whenever the concept of total quality management is heard, the first thing that strikes to our mind is manufacturing industry. Though the concept of total quality management is invented by manufacturing sector, in respect to improve their product
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5. Rising levels of consumer satisfaction – Higher consumer’s expectations are getting built by growing competition.

How to implement Total Quality Management in Service Firms?
The answer to the above question is to follow a four step process. Those four steps will be explained one by one in following paragraphs.
STEP 1- Clearly Define The Target Customer.
In this step, one needs to define the target customer form the targeted market. The firm also needs to define the key or main required item/service of the targeted customer.
STEP 2- Identify The Critical Quality Elements.
In this step, identify the major service functions required by customers. Also identify the quality characteristics which are prioritized by customers. And lastly, establish the quality evaluation methods.
STEP 3- Provide The Quality Designed Procedures To Employees.
In this step, the firm’s management people need to provide the defined service process procedure to all their employees. Also provide the policies, work instructions and finished conditions to be followed. To meet the expected effectiveness and efficiency, employees need to be provided with proper education and training.
STEP 4- Confirm And Improve The Quality Delivered To The Customer.
This is not the last step because from this step the cycle starts again. With the help of the evaluation method
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