Strategic Planning For A Software Company

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Here I’m going to mention the strategic planning for a software company as it is my profession. Software’s are one of the important factors which control all the computerized electronic systems. So, usually software developing companies have a strategic plan and they should strictly follow through to get the goal. Here are the strategic plans for my company.
• Vision
• Mission
• Values
• Objectives
• Strategies
• Action plans

First, I should set my vision and mission towards the company’s profile to set the future goal. Objectives are set to reach the destination by achieving or successfully completing all the strategies by following through an action plan.
Developing a vision and mission statement is so important. It is the corner …show more content…

• Identify specific issues or choices that the planning process should address.
• Development of an initial agreement concerning the strategic planning effort
• Decide on the basis to use, including roles and participation.
• Identify the information that must be collected to help make sound decisions.
• Identification and clarification of mandates
• Development and clarification of mission and values
• External environmental assessment
• Internal environmental assessment
• Strategic issue identification
• Strategy development
• Description of the organization in the future
Step 1
Set and analyze the policies and procedures to structure a management framework, which support efficient production. In order to create an effective organization, I arrange all personnel into functional groups, such as Finance, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources. Align each group’s performance goals with the company’s strategic objectives.

Step 2
Document the company’s hierarchical structure and publish it on our company’s website. It will help employees to understand the rules and regulations they must follow and responsibility as an employee.
Step 3
Ensure my business follows every local rules and regulations as an organization and make sure every individual in the company treated specially.
Step 4
Conduct regular surveys to make sure that the employees are happy with the company or not as well as the company’s growth and the expectation of public from our

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