Trader Joes Case Study

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This image event will take place at a Trader Joes grocery store located in Bethesda Maryland; just off of Wisconsin Ave tucked into a small strip mall. Trader Joes is a grocery store that values their costumers and therefore the food that they offer to sell to them. Most, if not all the food available at your local Trader Joes will not contain or use GMOs, which is very important due to the negative effects it has proven to cause on peoples health down the line. The ultimate mission here, is to create an impact on the costumers by putting huge, but false GMO labels on every item sold at the store, and see how many people buy their food regardless of the fact that its explicitly saying there are GMOs in the food you are willing to purchase.…show more content…
The Trader Joe's in Bethesda Maryland welcomed the public on the morning of November 1st, 2015. This event was not shared on social media and was not shared to the public prior to the event in order to initiate more of a shock value when the costumers arrived and laid their eyes on the GMO labels. Once people arrived they were confronted by food labels as such, leaving the people who showed up that day confused as to whether they should purchase an item of food that blatantly had a GMO label on it. Bethesda Magazine then showed up around opening hours of 8- 11am due to a private invitation on trader Joe’s behalf. Steve Hull, the owner of the magazine took notes on what was occurring and taking pictures of the label foods to then be able to report on the event. The event acted as a platform for Bethesda magazine in order to publish an article that would be in the late December edition. WUSA9 showed up after Bethesda magazine leaft at 11:30am and will have stayed for couple of hours after that. There presence drew a lot of attention to this image event and helped relay the message indented to get out to the public that day. There interviewing people, and how they felt on the issue, where this one lady was interviewed and asked “what do you think about this event, and what’s your take on the GMO issue” she answered “I’ve never seen anything like this before but it sure it did a good job at raising awareness to this issue everyone seems to ignore. I do agree that GMOs are bad which is why I shop here, but I don’t actually know why”. This is critical because people have opinions on this issue, but people are not knowledgeable in the subject to actually take a tense on the argument itself. Just Label It was our ultimate partner in this event; they will have stayed throughout the entire event handing out flyers to people who had questions after being confronted by the
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