Narrative Essay On Best Friends

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This Family is Cooler than Yours
Traditions are an important part of any holiday. But, I bet this family has a cooler tradition than anything your family has cooked up.
Every year, they spend some time learning a choreographed dance. They then apparently clear out their living room so this huge family of 8 can perform it for the camera. Here’s one of their more exciting dances.
I wonder what they have planned for next season? Lip-Sync Battle
Normally, I’m not a fan of lip-syncing. But, this little girl has definitely changed my mind. She may be just a baby, but this little girl has got something going on for her.
While waiting in the car for her mom, Baby Bexlee showed us her talent when a current favorite song came on the radio. Move over Adele, Bexlee has got you beat for sure! Sharing the Joy of Birth
Who said dogs and cats can’t be friends? This happy couple is definitely beating the odds by being best friends. And, what do best friends do when you are having a baby? Why they celebrate with you, of course!
This is exactly what happens when momma cat takes her brand new kittens to see her best friend. Naturally, her kittens warmed up to the pup in no time and they all had a fantastic time. That’s the way to deliver a Pizza!
Getting a pizza delivery isn’t normally an exciting experience. You pick up the phone, order the pizza and eventually will have a hot pie in your hand. But, this is not what these Pizza Hut customers experienced at all.
Instead, when their pizza

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