Tragic Hero In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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Tragic Hero: Okonkwo In Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart, the protagonist Okonkwo plays the role of a tragic hero destined to fall from his valuable titles. Okonkwo works away from poverty to a successful man. Along the pathway to successfulness, Okonkwo is self-made, and he can not allow anything to get in his way. Okonkwo is a son of a lazy debater, which causes him to possess the fear of never to be associate with humility and happiness. Okonkwo with his characteristics preordain for misfortune, led a prosperous life, though a tragic flaw of pride and wrong decisions stole him of his fantasized a fierce warrior and successful farmer of yams that consider him to be a rightful owner of the role for a tragic hero, as well as the characteristics in the story, Things Fall Apart and in literature. In literature, Okonkwo classifies as a…show more content…
Before Okonkwo killed himself by hanging himself, he was a well know wrestler, who defeated the Amazile the Cat, became a successful farmer by growing yams, and is the leader of his clan. Becoming a famous person in Umofia, "He had won fame as the greatest wrestler in the nine villages. He was a wealthy farmer and had two barns full of yams, and had just married his third wife. To crown it all he had taken two titles" (Achebe 5). This quote shows how Okonkwo rose from poverty to a noble person in Umofia. The novelties Okonkwo present is one of the characteristics of a tragic hero. Later in the book, Okonkwo, accidentally with no intention killed Ezudu's son at Ezudu's funeral. He was exiled for seven years, to let the others clean and kill everything of his ownership because it was a way to please the Earth God. This was another characteristics of a tragic hero because he is bearing no responsibility, for an action taking. Okonkwo did not take any responsibility even thought it was his fault of killing of
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