Tragic Optimism Victor Frankl Analysis

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Tragic Optimism A survivor and a psychiatrist by the name of Victor Frankl wrote the essay of “ Tragic Optimism” explaining that there are components of human existence that are unavoidable. Every human no matter their gender, race nor age will be faced with an obstacle in their own way during the duration of their lifetime. These components construct what is other wise known as the tragic triad - pain, guilt and death- which all coexist to create a blockage that one must learn to overcome. By adapting, we learn to grow and advance therefore becoming more suitable for the remainder of our journey in life. He states that “ what matters is to make the best of any given situation” by the way of remaining optimistic. However , you have to be willing to make a change. A person must search for a new beginning, a search for purpose. An abounding amount of people when dealt with the wrong hand that life has given find it immensely challenging and baffling to find a way to prevail. However, Victor Frankl believes that by following his methods it would thus lead to a new beginning for many individuals around the world . Especially those who are close to calling defeat with the game of life. It all begins with knowing where you are in your life and what type of aspiration and drive you have to become someone and create a name for yourself and for others to aspire towards. However, there becomes a division between the different mindsets of
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