Transformation Process Of Harley-Davidson

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Transformation Process: Harley-Davidson is the bike manufacturing company which manufactures luxury motorcycles. The present position of Harley-Davidson in the market is the struggle over 100 years by the company. Where they deled competition with many companies and transformed many times in many ways and gained brand value. The transformation of Harley-Davidson’s company began when there is a rapid fall of their market shares during the span of 10 years of their 850+ cc motorcycles from 83% in 1973 to 23% in 1983. Despite increasing their sales Harley-Davidson company hold a specialized and profitable part of a commercial market. But due to the fall of Harley-Davidson’s market share they faced financial problem in producing new production. This financial crisis made Harley-Davidson to go public for the first ever of their 60-year private ownership. American Machine and Foundry (AMF)…show more content…
It defines that they need material directly from the person instead of mediator. This helps Harley-Davidson for better processing as the information lies within the person. In order to observe the variation in a work process statistical process method is used. Using this process Harley-Davidson keep a track on the quality of product where they can trace the problem during the process of production and can be sorted out. Research and Development: The reason behind the present position and brand value of Harley-Davidson is because of its research and development where they put a lot of pressure in 1983. This step bought a lot of improvement to quality of product. Where the scrap, rework and work in progress were reduced by 68% and 75% respectively, also there is a huge raise in the market shares by 91% followed by 80% revenue generated within
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