Transformation in North America

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These gay spaces are usually confined to areas of the community where there is typically a high concentration of gay people. The locations that contain these “queer spaces,” are areas of reprieve for the gay community, and they should be accepted in communities that have an identifiable neighbourhood consisting largely of gay people. In her statement “Today in most overtly gay spaces there is little to no visible gender queerness or any indication that such variance is tolerated,” Petra Doan is saying that while there are gay spaces that are created for the queer community, these areas often do not contain a high number of gay people, and they are in fact mostly inhabited by heterosexuals. The gendering of these spaces is meant to increase the general acceptance of gay people and to provide a haven for them, but Doan believes these spaces are still largely dominated by heterosexuals. The treatment of the urbex (or urban environment) in what makes up the cities, it is important to consider that the geography has mirrored many of the troubling characteristics of the urban exploration. People are curious about how the majority of…

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