Transformational Leadership. Transformation Is A Period

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Transformational Leadership
Transformation is a period of growth, brought about through reflection and expansion of knowledge, awareness, and self-improvement. With each metamorphosis, an individual absorbs and cultivates new skills and understanding. This enlightened state enhances the ability of a leader and the quality of their leadership. According to Ciulla (2004) “Transforming leaders raise their followers up through various stages of morality and need. They turn their followers into leaders and the leader becomes a moral agent” (p. 15). Thus, the benefits from a transformation extend beyond the leader to influence organizational members as well.
Leaders bear the responsibility to mentor, inspire and support their clan to the best
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Nonetheless, it is not an easy feat to take on. However, the predicted result is worth the quest. Next, a literature review will highlight the work of scholars and experts in the field of transformational leadership. Much research has been completed on this subject and many theories are in place. “James MacGregor Burns’ theory of transforming leadership is compelling because it rests on a set of moral assumptions about the relationship between leaders and followers” (Ciulla, 2004, p. 14). This is one of many perspectives worthy of further inspection. Additionally, the views and research findings from graduate students in Gonzaga University’s Organizational Leadership program will be presented to gain insight into how current and future leaders view the transformation process and the aftermath that follows.
Such an exploration would see leadership as a vital form of power, but would understand power as a relationship based not simply on the possession of resources by those who wield power, but on the creative dynamic interplay of wants and needs, motives, values, and capacities of both would-be leaders and their potential followers. (Burns, 2003, pp. 15-16) Lastly, a final case study analysis will offer a perspective of transformational leadership from an organization’s standpoint. Dynamics of organizational life and the facilitation of transformation will be
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