Transformiing Healthcare Using Ehealth

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Transforming Healthcare using e-Health The world is rapidly digitizing and almost every industry is going electronic; e-Commerce, e-Procurement, e-Banking, e-Accounting…etc. The Healthcare industry has not been left behind. e-Health is the use of Information Technology & Communication to advance health delivery services. This relatively new term is catching up like wild fire particularly when the developing countries are target and priority. As a developing nation, we cannot ignore this new phenomenon that is bound to raise the stakes in the delivery of our health care services. e-Health is many things; it is accessing electronic clinical information at a click of a button, it is being able to refer a patient to another…show more content…
Our donors are ready to fund innovative ideas that are going to create a huge impact in our country, why not innovate healthcare solutions that are bound to impress? The current generation is ICT compliant and ready to offer their services, why not give these brilliant minds a chance to showcase what they are capable of and nurture their ideas into fruitfulness? Kenya Ministry of Health & e-Health The Kenya Ministry of Health is on the pathway to reforming Healthcare by recommending e-Health applications. The Ministry has already rolled out some applications in a few health facilities and it anticipates extending its mandate to a bigger scope. KEMSA ERP system that is designed to manage an organization with a Kshs. 15 billion supply chain servicing over 6,000 health facilities countrywide, is a good example of what eHealth applications can do and the good work our local software engineering firms are capable of doing. Kenya Armed forces have not been left behind in the eHealth revolution and have implemented one of the most innovative Integrated-Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS) in the

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