Transgender Argumentative Essay

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Transgenders ha ve served in many armed forces throughout the world. They have been able to adapt and overcome throughout history and still face many issues in their community with their way of life today. It has been a debate for a long time now on whether they should or should not be allowed to serve in the U.S. military openly. The Department of Defense has been able to base a decision based on study findings, but have also used those finding to reinstate a ban. They have struggled for decades to determine a true course of action and have failed to see and adopt ways other countries have been able to in order to deal with the situation.
Transgender has become a hot topic in the America since the Presidents of the United States tweeted the banning of transgenders servicing in the military. So what is the problem here? Many agree while many others disagree. Some would say that it’s unfair, to begin with, based on the amount of attention or special treatment one needs or will receive in order to make the transition as others think that it is discriminating and that they all deserve a chance. Some say they deserve it since they are willing to serve their country while others feel that it should be a cut in spending the government should make. No one will know how to battle this issue unless people truly understand what it is like to be a transgender or what they go through.
What is a transgender? According to Webster’s dictionary a transgender is “of, relating to,

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