Transgenic Salmon Cons

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Transgenics is the introduction of an altered gene into a living organism in anticipation of the genes characteristics being displayed in the organism’s progeny. This process has assisted both plant and animals production in numerous ways including increasing yields, resistance to pest/disease and increasing maturity rates, being just a few examples; transgenics has been used for medical purposes! Transgenic cotton: Due to cotton previously being attacked by pest that caused immense damage, the main purpose for GM cotton was to create a more pest resistant form of crop. This was achieved by inserting a foreign gene into the cotton seed from bacillus thuringiensis, the introduced gene is mainly targeting cottons most common pest; bollworm. With the new line of cotton, research has found that farmers are actually resorting to less chemical usage on their crops due to the pesticide with the cotton keeping the insects almost under control, with the help of 1-2 chemical coverings as opposed to the traditional 8. Transgenic salmon: Transgenic salmon have been developed to grow twice as fast as their natural state. The salmon have been injected with a growth hormone gene that was found within Pacific Chinook salmon and a promoter from an ocean pout this will ensure that the Salmon are growing during the whole year instead of just…show more content…
The decision is normally dependent on scientific research that follows the organism or one’s own personal morals. When deciding on an opinion of this topic, many variables come into the argument, including possible environmental issues, food safety issues, threats to surrounding organic crops and even possible side effects of the created organism along with the ethical issues that come from genetically altering a plant or
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