Transitional Employment Program: The Clubhouse

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The clubhouse houses about 35- 50 members a daily, the amount varies daily. The clubhouse has the control over who it accepts membership from. Membership has no time limits and it’s voluntary. It is open to everyone unless that person poses a significant and current treat to the safety of the Clubhouse. There are no contracts, time schedules or rules given to members to enforce participation in clubhouse activities. They all have equal access to every Clubhouse opportunity regardless of diagnosis or level of functioning. Members are given the right to reenter the Clubhouse after any length of absence, unless their poses a threat to other members or staff. The clubhouse offer an effective reach out system to all members.
A normal work day at the Clubhouse consists of members and staff together working side by side. This does not include medication, treatment or therapy programs. Members are not paid nor given any incentives for their work. The Clubhouse is open five days a week and a normal day parallels the typical working day. The work is designed to help members regain self-worth, purpose and confidence.
The Clubhouse offers a Transitional Employment program; it provides members to work on job placements in the labor market. Members who are interested must meet a few basic criteria according to the Clubhouse guide. They must have a desire to work, work at the employer’s location and are paid the prevailing wages.
The Clubhouse is organized into three units. The

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