Transnational Networks And Its Influence On The World On A Global Level

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The way socio-political matters are been handled in the 21st century calls for a redefinition of governance and its influence on the world on a global level. NGOs transnational networks are very influential in the enforcement of policy that breaks through states and government. A Government is the governing body of a nation, state, or community and governance the action or manner of governing. Over the years globalization has brought about transnational networks in international politics. What is novel is this networks ability of mobilizing non-state actors with information strategically to help create new issues and persuade over much powerful organizations and government. We in a generation that an issue be it women’s right, human rights, environmental issues becomes a worldwide subject through campaigns internationally. Non-state activist or NGOs normally carry out these campaigns through transnational network advocacy with goals to influence states and international organizations. Globalization has facilitated the growth of these networks and makes new forms of governance imperatives (Naim 2005). The government of states have over the years been faced by pressure of these non state actors to change their policy bringing a whole new definition to the word governance has seen in the 1993 international treaty to ban landmines in which the international NGOs played key roles in making points of environmental degradation and mistreatment of the poor. These were able to put
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