Transracial Families Essay

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In a single race family, according to Rosenblum, & Travis (2016), they are more likely to have the privilege of being recognized as a family, since everyone skin tone and features are similar. However, in transracial families, parents don’t have that privilege, since their skin tone and features aren’t the same as their adopted children, which can raise concerns for both parties involved. For instance, being an adoptive parent, concerns of how their children view themselves are important and treating them as if they are white, leave them at a disadvantage. They want their children to see their potential in the world but know they will have challenges, because of their skin tone. Negative comments in front of their children also raise concerns for parents, since it can be hurtful and harmful to their children’s potential. Children of transracial families are concern about not knowing who they are to the world. They feel they need to have their own independent relationship with other black families or with black adults while growing up because being surrounded by only white image hinder their view of themselves. They are concern about thinking they have the same privilege as their parents because their parents are white and that made them immune from discrimination. Because of social categorization of blacks, transracial families need to teach their children how to conduct themselves in setting dealing with the police, especially if they are males.
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