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Travel Teams


My entire life I have played on numerous travel teams for different sports. I vaguely remember the countless hours spent at practice for these teams, more than an actual school team. I also remember the amount of money put into it, sometimes giving up my social life to play on the weekends, missing church on Sunday’s, and even missing school for a big tournament; travel teams have played a huge role in my life. That’s just it; there are an immense amount of kids that have given up many things in their life to play on travel teams. At a young age, it is installed in some kids’ heads that they must get a scholarship in order to go to college. For others, it has to do with fame and glory that they make it big in the pros. However, travel teams have some positives: being on a travel team helps build kids characters, it helps build relationships that are helpful to have in the future, and it helps kids earn scholarships to pay for college. The positive outlooks surpass the negatives, according to athletes across the nation who play on travel teams.

Negatives on Travel Teams

Travis Dorsch, an assistant professor at Utah State University, researches parents’ engagement in their children’s sports. His statistics found that up to 10.5 percent of parents’ income is spent on travel teams for their kids (The Rising Cost of Youth Sports, in Money and Emotion, Matters). He says that kids getting a college scholarship is a way to pay back their parents for
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