Treadmill College Essay

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Regular exercise provides you with many health benefits, including weight loss, decrease in insulin resistance and strength of the heart. One great way to exercise your body is by running or walking on a treadmill, when you are running or walking on a treadmill, it puts less stress on your body than when you are walking on flat outdoor surface. Treadmill helps you to run or walk while you are staying in one place. Treadmill allows the careful monitoring of the blood pressure and the heart rate of a patient who has poor health condition or that has heart problem.
Treadmills are very popular gym equipment. If you need the best way to get fit without having to worry about dimly lit street, bad weather or busy roads without sidewalks, treadmill offers you a cool way out. Most people find it difficult to run or walk outdoor because of the number of hours they put in at work, treadmills offers you the solution, if you are in the category of such people. It offers a wide variety of benefits that are very hard to ignore, you can walk, run or jog at your …show more content…

You can control all aspects of the treadmill workout. The speed, incline, cool down period, warm up period and energy spend are few among what you can control.
Some treadmills came with special features that can help you count your step and monitor your heart rate so that you can track your fitness progress.
Running, jogging and walking on treadmill can help you burn calories faster than all other in-home exercises.
You can do other things like; reading and watching television while running on a treadmill so, it doesn’t have to be boring.
It gives you privacy. If you don’t want to run outdoors or go to a gym, having your own treadmill at home can solve your problems.
If you are looking forward to getting your body in shape or your primary concern is losing weight, purchasing your own treadmill machine is the best option to achieve your

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