Treatment Options For Children With Adolescent Idiopathic

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Treatment Options for children with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Parents of children diagnosed with AIS (Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis) face difficult decisions when determining a course of treatment. The information received from the child’s doctor or orthopedist may be the only reference parents have to base decisions on. This may leave many unanswered questions regarding the child’s treatment, effects of treatment and long term quality of life after treatment. Like most parents, upon hearing my daughter’s diagnosis, a million questions came to mind including what does this mean for her health, can she still play sports, will she have pain, and mostly, will she live a normal life?
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While back pain is not a normal sign of scoliosis, it was the only thing my daughter complained about and it can indicate a secondary condition such as spondylolisthesis, syringomyelia, tethered cord, herniated disc or spinal tumor. (Asher & Burton, 2006)
Diagnosis for scoliosis via a standard exam can be easily detected using the Adam’s Forward Bend Test. During this test, the patient leans forward with his/her feet together and bends 90 degrees at the waist revealing any asymmetry on the truck or any abnormal spinal curvatures. If abnormalities are detected an x-ray, spinal radiograph, CT scan or MRI will be used for more accurate diagnosis. Curves are then measured by the Cobb Method with the higher severity depicted by a greater curve. (AANS, May 2016) Statement of Problem: Interventions and treatments for AIS have evolved over the years, however long term study documenting outcomes are rare. To properly study a case from diagnosis to completion would encompass a minimum of thirty years. Effects of treatment are unknown due to lack of comprehensive studies. This leaves parents of AIS patients at the mercy of doctors and orthopedists who themselves have not

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